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A data logger that is specialized or designed for temperature sensors or sensors, or, in the case of a humidity and temperature data logger, humidity sensors as well, is known as a data logger. Temperature data logging is a piece of technology that may record various readings. It typically runs on batteries and takes one or even more sensor inputs before sampling and storing the data at...
There are currently many models of wireless temperature recorder on the market. The Fresh Tracker temperature humidity data logger uses 4G (LTE_Cat1)/2G technology to better monitor the temperature and humidity of the cold chain transportation environment over a long distance and in real time, which is critical to the quality and safety of the goods. There is better analysis and traceability.
The disposable temperature data logger can monitor and record the temperature changes of the entire fruit supply chain. If there is an abnormality, it can also alarm and promptly remind managers to adjust the cold chain environment temperature. Ensure fruit quality.
Tagplus-T USB Temperature Data Logger can not only be used for temperature monitoring of vaccines, but also for temperature monitoring and recording of temperature-sensitive items such as biological reagents, medicines, vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, dairy products, etc. It can also be used in laboratories.
Salmon is a precious food with rich nutritional value and unique taste. In order to ensure the quality and freshness of salmon, reasonable feeding and storage methods are very important. Moreover, the temperature has a great influence on the taste and freshness of salmon. Fresh salmon should be kept at 0C-4C, so that the quality is better, and you can use the salmon Temperature Data Logger.
Freshliance has launched a Fresh Tracker wireless temperature data logger, which uses 4G/2G and LBS base station positioning technology, which is very helpful for temperature and humidity monitoring and location tracking of cold chain transportation environments.
A refrigerated container is a container specially designed to keep food fresh and keep frozen goods at a certain temperature. Commonly used to freeze goods such as meat and fruit. In order to better monitor and view the temperature of the container, a cold chain container temperature data logger can be used to monitor and record the temperature of the internal space, so as to ensure the...
The disposable temperature data loggers launched by Freshliance have many types and models. They are cheap, easy to operate, stable in operation, high in accuracy, and have high protection levels. They are USB temperature logger and can be connected to a PC to generate PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV temperature reports. , this report is true and reliable and can be used to analyze whether the temperature of...
Technical Products introduce latest technology Data Logger and accessories where its Graphtec High Speed Data Logger allows high range of measurement, touch panel system and can support multiple storage system.
The ultra-low temperature data logger is widely used in various industries, such as biomedicine, food processing, aerospace, etc. In the field of biomedicine, cryogenic recorders are very important. Strict temperature conditions are essential for some biological products, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and cells, because these products are very sensitive and may be destroyed if they are...
The fruit temperature data logger produced by Freshliance is currently selling well in the world. The monitoring temperature is -30C~+70C, and the accuracy is 0.5C(-20C~40C), 1.0C(others) , can accurately detect the temperature of fruit transportation. A good fruit transportation temperature monitoring system can ensure the quality, safety and freshness of fruits.
Bluetooth temperature data logger for agriculture can help industrial managers understand environmental temperature conditions in real-time and take corresponding measures to ensure that animals and plants develop and grow in a suitable and constant environmental temperature.
The Thermis Log 10TH USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger provided by Freshliance is an LCD Temperature Humidity Logger that can directly view the current, maximum, minimum, and average temperature and humidity conditions of the cargo environment through the display screen, and can also display the alarm status, which is useful for item storage or Make timely adjustments to the impact of...
Mahindra Teqo is offering Node X in India which is a solar data logger collecting and monitoring data across all your solar rooftop plants including residential & industrial.
Fresh Tag 1 is a cost-effective USB temperature data logger launched by Freshliance. It can record and store temperature data during stable operation. It has a built-in USB interface and can be directly connected to a PC or Android phone without the need for a data cable or card reader. Generate an unmodifiable PDF temperature data report with high accuracy, and the recorded data is accurate...
Expandable from the standard 20-channel configuration to a maximum of 200 channels. All channels feature insulated and multi-function inputs. The GL800 is a compact data logger, with an A5 footprint, providing excellent portability.
The Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Data Logger can be used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the refrigerated environment. It can connect to smart devices through Bluetooth and monitor the real-time temperature and humidity data of the refrigerated environment as well as the historical temperature and humidity change curves on the APP provided for free by Freshliance.
Multi Use Temperature data logger is a type of temperature data logger commonly used for temperature monitoring. It can be used multiple times and has high accuracy.
The Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Data Logger is very suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring in storage environments. It has high accuracy and stable operation. It can be monitored in real time by APP without the need for close viewing, which can improve the efficiency of storage cold chain management.
Multi Use temperature data logger is a temperature logger that can be used multiple times. It can be used for temperature monitoring and recording in various industries such as food, medicine, biological vaccines, chemical reagents, etc., providing accurate and reliable temperature data.
In addition to being used for temperature and humidity monitoring in laboratories, the LCD Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is also suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring in archive rooms, archive warehouses, libraries, and other places where confidential documents are stored and where documents need to be preserved for a long time.
Countronics, a reputed manufacturer and supplier of highly accurate measuring and recording instruments manufacturers high quality conductivity meter and data logger and supplies these instruments to major clients all over the country.
H2oNet is supplier of water leak detection equipment, water leak network loggers like pressure logger, flow logger in South Africa. We have water Flow meter as well
Hinco Instruments supplies electrical instrumentation, calibration services and a range of related technical services to industry all over Western Australia.
Dairy products include liquid milk (pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, modified milk, fermented milk); milk powder (whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, partial skimmed milk powder, modified milk powder, bovine colostrum powder); others Dairy (etc.). Dairy products are very nutritious and are becoming more and more popular these days. However, the shelf life of dairy products at room...
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