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Dislocation Density Function Dynamics, DDFD, developed by Alfonso Hing-wan Ngan (顏慶雲教授) is a highly efficient method for simulating microstructures at the meso-scale. Source code in Matlab for dislocation plasticity simulation is available for request or download.
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Water Purifier LBN-WP161 can produce two types of pure water: deionized water and ultrapure water, with a third type of pure water optionally produced by a second stage RO. It consistently produces 12 L/Hr of ultra-pure water with a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ.cm and deionized water with a resistivity of 16 MΩ.cm. A fully integrated touch screen displays real-time water quality and operating...
Discover the precision and reliability of a thermostatic water bath, an essential laboratory instrument for maintaining stable temperatures in various applications. Ideal for incubation, sample preparation, and chemical reactions.
Multi-Tube Vortex Mixer LBN-MV141 is provided with fix tray above test tube and EVA foam mat of upper tray. It can mix 50 samples at the same time. It has two oscillation modes with touch or continuous oscillation. It has digital display speed available with stepless speed regulation. Presence of microprocessor control with simplistic designed appearance. It can process maximum 50 samples at...
Multi-Plate Vortex Mixer LBN-MV152 is an efficient mixing device that uses 4.5 mm circular oscillation. Featuring a control panel with touch buttons for setting the time/speed and touch/continuous mode, as well as an LCD screen for displaying precise values. It is equipped with a brushless motor and various fixtures, allowing it to be used for centrifugal tubes, blood tubes, PCR plates, cell...
Mini Magnetic Stirrer LBN-MS152 has a long-lasting and chemically resistant ceramic surface. It can stir up to 2 litres of liquid and has a stirring speed range of 0 to 1250 rpm. The user can configure the target temperature up to 400°C, speed, and stirring. A large LCD display clearly displays the temperature, time, and running status. It is built with a high-performance digital circuit and...
Discover the ideal environment for cultivating molds with our precision Mould Incubator. Engineered for reliability and accuracy, our incubator provides consistent temperature and humidity control, fostering optimal conditions for mold growth. Whether for research, industrial applications, or educational purposes, trust our Mould Incubator to deliver reliable performance, enabling...
Large Capacity Magnetic Stirrer LBN-LM151 is uniquely designed with positive and negative stirring effects that can be changed with the short press button. It has a strong magnetic stirring power with a maximum stirring capacity of 10 L. Offers a speed range of 50 to 1500 rpm with a homogenous mixing effect. Control panel with LCD screen for precise monitoring of speed and time.
Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer LBN-HS151 offers a powerful mixing effect with a speed range of 50 to 1500 rpm at a safe temperature of 260 °C. Crafted with a corrosion-free ceramic coated die-cast aluminum heating plate with rapid heating and precise temperature control. Three-hole probe clamp that can be accommodated for a temperature probe, pH meter, acidity meter, etc., Integrated with an...
Rotating Tube Mixer LBN-RM171, which allow for vertical, position mixing of tubes between these assemblies. Since the rotating angles can be adjusted, these mixers can hold centrifuge tubes of various sizes 1.5ml: 12pcs, 10 to 30ml: 12pcs and run at speeds ranging from 5 to 60rpm/min continuously for 24 hours. Rotation with upright tubing, on the other hand, produces a tumbling motion suitable...
For measurement of conductivity / resistivity of powder samples to enable identification of highly insulating powders which may create electrostatic ignition risks. Powders will nearly always acquire electrostatic charge during processing, the level of charge being largely determined by the violence of the process.
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Rotary evaporator LBN-RE135 has excellent air tightness, high evaporation rate and anti-corrosion function. Rotational flask is 5L and receiving flask is 3L capacity. Rotational speed is 0-110rpm. It includes chillers, vacuum pump, vacuum controller. Vacuum meter is available to read vacuum degree correctly. Consists of digital display for rotational speed and temperature, ball milling mouth...
SMS Labs is recognized as the top food testing lab in India, offering comprehensive and precise analyses for a wide variety of food products. With cutting-edge technology and skilled professionals, we ensure the highest quality standards and compliance with regulations. Trust SMS Labs for accurate, reliable testing services that safeguard consumer health and support your food industry needs.
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Rotary Evaporator LBN-RE123 is a must-have evaporator that meets all basic requirements of an economic evaporation and is constructed to high quality standards. It has a knob-controlled speed range of 20 to 200 rpm and a sliding manual plus auxiliary lift for precise positioning of the glassware. The unique 5 L bath design allows for quick heat up, allowing for faster experiments. The bath can...
Get your NOC for CGWA Water Boring with the assistance of our team of Experts.Bhoojal survey provides consultancy services for getting NOC from CGWA. Bhoojal’s Team collects all the required documents and submit application as per CGWA guidelines.
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Explore the latest promotions and announcements from BASF, a leading chemical company, showcasing a diverse range of products and solutions.
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Envisys Technologies is a leading provider of Rain Test Chambers, designed to simulate various rainfall conditions for testing product durability and waterproofing. Our chambers are equipped with advanced control systems, allowing for precise regulation of rainfall parameters. Our Chambers are built with durable materials, ensuring long-term performance. Our chambers are versatile and suitable...
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We are a platform dedicated to exploring the secrets between the layers of our planet and understanding geological wonders. From the deepest rocks to the most impressive mineral forms, we examine every type of geological formation on Earth with our comprehensive blog posts.
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ALFA Forensic Science Institute
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Labindia announces the launch of the Centrifuge - "Lab-i-Fuge" Centrifuge works by separating two materials based on different densities. They are best used to separate materials that have similar densities or when insoluble particulates are present in a dissolved solution It is one of the necessary lab instruments which is widely used in all kinds of laboratories like research...
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15 L flammable storage cabinet refers to a safety cabinet designed specifically for the storage of flammable liquids. Flammable storage cabinets are designed to comply with relevant safety regulations and standards to ensure they meet specific safety requirements. Shop online at
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15 L combustible cabinet likely refers to a safety storage cabinet designed to store combustible liquids. These cabinets are used to safely contain and organize flammable or combustible substances to reduce the risk of fire and protect both people and property. Shop online at
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Airflow Velocity=0-3-to-0-6-m-s; Filter Efficiency=99-999-efficiency-at-0-3-micro-m; Suction Inlet Diameter=375-mm; Noise=le-75-db-a; External size=500-times-500-times-980-mm;Shop Online at
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Fully Automatic Kjeldahl analyzer is a laboratory instrument designed to automate the Kjeldahl method for nitrogen determination in various samples, such as food, soil, water, and biological materials. The Kjeldahl method is a widely used technique that involves the digestion of a sample in concentrated sulfuric acid and subsequent determination of nitrogen content, often used for protein...
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Spectral Range=7800-cm-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt-to-350-cm-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt; Resolution=0-85-cm-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt; Wave number precision=plusmn-0-01-cm-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt; Scanning speed=microprocessor-control-different-scanning-speed-selectable; Signal to Noise ratio=20-000-1-rms-value-2100-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt-to-2000-lt-sup-gt-1-lt-sup-gt. Shop Online at
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