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Freshliance specializes in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of temperature and humidity data loggers, environmental monitoring, and online tracking and recording systems. We serve cold chain industries such as fruits and vegetables, food processing, seafood, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. We are a trusted provider of ambient temperature recording solutions!
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BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Data Logger is a very cost-effective laboratory Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger. It is widely used in indoor environment monitoring, food storage, and transportation, cold chain logistics, greenhouses, and many other fields.
THINK TEMPERATURE is a leading Supplier of digital thermometers for food service and industry, data loggers for remote temperature monitoring, hygrometers and analytical instruments for moisture, pressure and pH measurement.
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Multi Use temperature data logger is a temperature logger that can be used multiple times. It can be used for temperature monitoring and recording in various industries such as food, medicine, biological vaccines, chemical reagents, etc., providing accurate and reliable temperature data.
The Thermis Log 10TH USB Temperature Humidity Data Logger provided by Freshliance is an LCD Temperature Humidity Logger that can directly view the current, maximum, minimum, and average temperature and humidity conditions of the cargo environment through the display screen, and can also display the alarm status, which is useful for item storage or Make timely adjustments to the impact of...
Multi Use Temperature data logger is a type of temperature data logger commonly used for temperature monitoring. It can be used multiple times and has high accuracy.
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Disposable temperature data logger usually refer to temperature recorders that are mainly designed for one-time use. They can be used to record temperatures in various industries such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and medicine. After the trip, a PDF temperature data report can be generated.
Tagplus-T USB Temperature Data Logger can not only be used for temperature monitoring of vaccines, but also for temperature monitoring and recording of temperature-sensitive items such as biological reagents, medicines, vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, dairy products, etc. It can also be used in laboratories.
The temperature humidity data logger with the probe is a temperature and humidity recorder with higher accuracy and a wider monitoring range.
Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is a disposable shipping temperature recorder. It takes up little space and is waterproof. It can be in direct contact with items or attached to item packaging. It can be used in refrigerated containers, refrigerated bags, refrigerated cabinets, In freezers, medicine cabinets, incubators, and other environments.
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The BlueTag T10 Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger is suitable for insulin temperature monitoring because it can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, and the insulin environment temperature can be viewed in real-time on the mobile phone.
Freshliance launched the COEUS-WIFI Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger based on market demand. It is an intelligent and multi-functional Wireless Temperature Humidity Data Logger.
Fresh Tag 1 is a cost-effective USB temperature data logger launched by Freshliance. It can record and store temperature data during stable operation. It has a built-in USB interface and can be directly connected to a PC or Android phone without the need for a data cable or card reader. Generate an unmodifiable PDF temperature data report with high accuracy, and the recorded data is accurate...
As a specialized fruit temperature and humidity data logger, every temperature and humidity data logger provided by Freshliance is a cost-effective device with stable operation. It is also very accurate and reliable in monitoring and recording environmental temperature and humidity data, making it convenient for fruit investment. Businesses track and evaluate the temperature conditions of the...
Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the museum environment is a very important task, because cultural relics have very high requirements on the temperature and humidity of the environment, and the museum needs to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity environment. The BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth temperature data logger is very suitable for environmental temperature and humidity...
In addition to being used for temperature and humidity monitoring in laboratories, the LCD Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is also suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring in archive rooms, archive warehouses, libraries, and other places where confidential documents are stored and where documents need to be preserved for a long time.
In industries such as food and medicine, cold storage plays a vital role in storing and maintaining the freshness and quality of various cold chain products. The temperature of the cold storage is generally very low. You can choose an ultra-low temperature data logger with probe to monitor and record the ambient temperature of the cold storage with higher accuracy and reliability. The...
With the continuous advancement of technology, a disposable temperature data logger will continue to develop and innovate. Every temperature data logger launched by Freshlianche is very cost-effective and is widely used in refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated bags, and refrigerated cabinets. , medicine cabinets, freezers, laboratories, and other links in the cold chain.
A refrigerated container is a container specially designed to keep food fresh and keep frozen goods at a certain temperature. Commonly used to freeze goods such as meat and fruit. In order to better monitor and view the temperature of the container, a cold chain container temperature data logger can be used to monitor and record the temperature of the internal space, so as to ensure the...
Salmon is a precious food with rich nutritional value and unique taste. In order to ensure the quality and freshness of salmon, reasonable feeding and storage methods are very important. Moreover, the temperature has a great influence on the taste and freshness of salmon. Fresh salmon should be kept at 0C-4C, so that the quality is better, and you can use the salmon Temperature Data Logger.
Dairy products include liquid milk (pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, modified milk, fermented milk); milk powder (whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, partial skimmed milk powder, modified milk powder, bovine colostrum powder); others Dairy (etc.). Dairy products are very nutritious and are becoming more and more popular these days. However, the shelf life of dairy products at room...
The ultra-low temperature data logger is widely used in various industries, such as biomedicine, food processing, aerospace, etc. In the field of biomedicine, cryogenic recorders are very important. Strict temperature conditions are essential for some biological products, such as pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and cells, because these products are very sensitive and may be destroyed if they are...
The storage of cigars needs to monitor the ambient temperature at all times. Freshliance recommends using Bluetooth Temperature Logger. BlueTag TH20 HACCP Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is a very convenient and easy-to-operate temperature and humidity instrument. It is an intelligent Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger based on Bluetooth communication technology....
The fruit temperature data logger produced by Freshliance is currently selling well in the world. The monitoring temperature is -30C~+70C, and the accuracy is 0.5C(-20C~40C), 1.0C(others) , can accurately detect the temperature of fruit transportation. A good fruit transportation temperature monitoring system can ensure the quality, safety and freshness of fruits.
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ESP32 Data Logger - NORVI can build a WiFi Data Logger using SD card, Combining few libraries of Arduino you can access or view the Temperature & Humidity via WiFi.
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