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The Peterson Group has taken time to list down the some of the alternative medicines known to men. We are yet to prove the effectiveness of these alternatives from fraud and scams in various regions of the world.
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The Peterson Group is a non-profit organization with an aim to create awareness to the public on the wide spread of alternative medicines and its incorporation with evidence-based medicines that have been used in substitute for scientifically based medicines.
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Build Lean Muscle. Cut Body Fat. Fast Recovery. More Endurance. More Energy
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Are you finding difficult to loose weight? Weight-loss hypnosis may help you shed an extra few pounds and loose weight Through Hypnotherapy sessions. Hypnosis indirectly helps with weight loss by altering the consciousness through suggestions and imagery to a more positive state.
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Clinic Dermatech offering flat 51% off for Weight loss and Body shaping in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida. Get appointment with your near by location for Body Shaping Clinic in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.
Get online original bach flower remedies to help mankind achieve joy and happiness at Strongestminds.
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For all those who have tried all measures to slip down, weight loss hypnosis is the perfect answer. When many other techniques concentrate on related issues, weight loss hypnosis addresses the core issue which is appetite. Explains how weight loss hypnosis teaches to control the urge to eat excessively and thus give quick results in weight loss.
Hypnotherapy weight loss is a successful way to reduce weight. Neuro-Vision focuses on controlling appetite through hypnotherapy weight loss and thus reduces weight drastically. Provides you more insight on hypnotherapy weight loss and how you can benefit from it.
Depression is one of most addressed ailment in the world today. Neuro-Vision offers hypnosis for depression to ensure complete and harmless relief. Hypnosis for depression at at elimination the source of depression. Thus the result of hypnosis for depression will be effective, quick and long lasting.
Sleeping disorder is one of the major health issues caused by stress. Sleep hypnosis has proven to be highly effective in addressing this issue. Neuro-Vision sleep hypnosis relaxes the mind and leads a person into deep sleep. To know more on how sleep hypnosis will be helpful to you.
Neuro-Vision presents hypnosis cds for a variety of health issues faced by individuals. These hypnosis cds contain audio instructions to guide people out of their ailments or addictions. Get to know more about these hypnosis cds
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A resource to learn about multiple types of self healing using crystal therapy.
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Vector Medical Corporation is Canada's first national occupational medicine agency. We help employers in safety sensitive & workplace substance abuse.
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Mansfields leading hypnotherapist service offering help with weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety and panic attacks, public speaking IBS and much more
177 Views, Approved on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 Alternative - More Details
Derby leading hypnotherapist service offering help with weight loss, stopping smoking, anxiety and panic attacks, public speaking IBS and much more
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Vibrant Ayurveda works as Ayurvedic medicine Australia. Being one of the largest wellness centers in Australia, Ayurveda Australia provides quality Ayurvedic health care services at an affordable price.
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Feel better, do better. Hypnotherapist & Chemical Dependency Counselor. Caring, experienced & confidential. Power to solve your problems. All issues, all ages. Including family and couples issues. Free 15 minute phone consult. Dont delay, call today 323 851-7208
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Sinus is caused due to nasal congestion, acute pain through cheeks and nose and head. Some home remedies for sinusitis offers cure with various herbs at home
How does hypnosis work It s a to guided relaxation, intense concentration, or focused attention to achieve a state awareness that sometimes called a trance.
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BDORT - Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab - We specialize in Alternative and natural cancer treatments and therapies in Australia, Treatments for hidden or known viral and bacterial infections, Organ tissue fibrosis/scarring reversing treatment and Detection and detoxification of heavy metals.
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Home remedies provides a natural cure with easy, natural ingredients like fruits, honey, herbs, vegetables, natural oils, etc. And yoga, aromatherapy and many more. Ayurveda Upchaar provides you with such information to cure common ailments with no side effects.
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Becky Wells worked in the fitness industry for many years and specialised in treating people referred by GPs and others with exercise. She became fascinated by the large number of referrals that seemed to have psychological origins and decided to train as a Hypnotherapist.
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Dr. Shailesh jain offers great remedy and Ayurvedic treatment for vitiligo (leucoderma) that cause several skin disorder with a well experienced dermatologist.
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Address: Suite 414, 4935 40 Ave NW Calgary, AB T3A 2N1 Phone: (403) 2474646 Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre provides a patient-focused, professional medical practice that utilizes advanced, comprehension testing and therapies to help people of all ages and all levels of health to be able to reach their optimal health.
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Lose weight, stop smoking, gain confidence, eliminate anxiety\'s or make any change you need now from the comfort of your own home with online hypnotherapy on Skype. You can now have an online hypnotherapy session to eliminate any fears, phobias and take back your life. Online Skype Hypnotherapy saves you the time and cost of traveling to see a hypnotherapist.
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