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Aerate presents AirPlus air purifying paint to clean your interior walls from odors, gases and smell. AirPlus air purification coatings are very effective on walls to protect your family from pollution arise because of wall paints
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D.R. Coats Ink & Resins Pvt. Ltd. (DRC) is one of the leading producers of synthetic Resins for to Coatings, Printing Inks & Adhesives.
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From China. Supplier of silicone products, including silicone fluids, silanes, silicone water repellents, silicone softener for textiles, silicone agricultural adjuvant, ect.
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SL Tech has a professional phenol alkylation technology and supporting equipment
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Provide high-quality plant about PPC plant, hydrogen peroxide plant, MMA technology, MEG plant, UHMWPE plant
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Amit Speciality Gasco. In the year 2004 and since then we're taking care of our customers providing them all in terms of industrial gases whether it is high purity gases, mixed gases, electric lighting gases, ultra pure gases, laser gases, medical gases, calibration gases. Since our customer base is strong as we are also into gas supplies so it becomes easier for us to...
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Applied Chemistry 2017 is a remarkable Chemistry conference which brings together the top professionals in the field along with the highly affiliated professors to explore the advancements and latest applications achieved in the field of chemistry. Applied Chemistry 2017 provides the chance for Scientists, researchers, Practitioners and Scholars to present and discuss the...
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NanoSlic's technology is based on a revolutionary platform chemistry and presents a new approach to permanent surface protection coatings for glass, metals and polymers.
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Chemicorp is a leading supplier of high quality chemicals and it provides chemical products like industrial chemicals, protea chemicals, Activated carbon, mining chemicals, food and beverage industry.
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Is stocking ProOne Lubricants in Colorado. Offering Fuel Maximizer, Engine Life Treatment, Heavy-Duty Oil Stabilizer, Waterless Wash and Shine, EP-1 and EP-2 grease. Everything you need to extend machine life, boost performance and get the most out of your equipment.
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AXCEL GASES - Leading Industrial Gases Suppliers, Cylinders Manufacturers & Exporters in India, To cater the demand of various industries with customer satisfaction.
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Adhesives are the substance applied to one surface or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation and is expected to reach around $105 billion in 2020.
TYHJ focuses on Mixture and Calibration Gases development, which are used in industrial agricultural production and other filed. Such as laser standard gas.
Oxypro a high quality and eco-friendly industrial cleaning chemical, Its industrial cleaning products have the ability to remove dirt and disinfecting germs easily, leaving your workplace totally clean.
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We are one of the leading pigment manufacturers in India. We also provide cosmetic colorants, pigments for cosmetics, lake colours.
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KR WATER TREATMENT specializing in producing water treatment chemicals such as ATMP, HEDP, PBTC in China. We provide excellent quality and first-class service to our customers.
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Anti Corrosion Gel Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Anti Corrosion Gel Prevents metallic corrosion, Rust Protection and corrosion protection coating by Anti Corrosion Gel.
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Chemicals are generally used in the form of dyes, bleach, etc Adhesive materials are widely used in binding and finishing for adhering pages together.
Manpak, a company that specialises in toll manufacturing and blending different Chemicals, liquids, powders and pastes - Melbourne
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Versatile and useful, calcium chloride is a valuable chemical used in hydrotesting, drilling fluids, dust control, ice melting, and more. Ward Chemical's calcium chloride is always high-quality, and available in both liquid and pellet forms. We also provide quality magnesium hydroxide for industrial use. Looking for more information? Contact Alberta's calcium chloride...
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ChemEqual, the largest chemical marketplace gives the opportunity to buyer to compare and buy chemicals and equivalents. From Brewery Chemicals, to descaling chemical like Citric Acid Descaler, Sulfamic Acid Descaler or any other organic acids. Serving the Automobile Industry with a chemical for every step. From Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor to coolant additives like...
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Tychem is a company that specializes in the buying and selling of surplus chemicals. One of the top online chemical distributors.
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Silver Hydrogen Peroxide marketed under the trade name of Alstasan Silvox by Chemtex Speciality Limited is a universal broad spectrum biocide with varied applications from soil disinfection to potable water disinfectant. As a poultry disinfectant, it stops spread of poultry diseases, even as a dairy disinfectant for sterilization of milk and equipment, aquaculture...
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Established in the year 1982, Chrome Star Chemical Works is the most reckoned name in the industry as a manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals. We are one of the oldest manufacturer and largest supplier of chromium oxide green and cerium oxide with large variety of grades in India for more than 32 years with sales in over 40 countries worldwide. We also deal in manufacturing...
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Ria Dyes is known as a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Acid Dyes and Pigment Powders as well as items of Textile Auxiliary Chemicals in India. We are highly experienced and professional firm in command of manufacturing and export operations. We offer quality products in most competitive pricing.
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