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Hanger powder coating spray booth is important equipment of the hanger production line.
The wire hanger machine is special equipment for making hangers.
The clothes hanger making machine is also called the wire coat hanger making machine, it can make a variety of hangers in a short time.
The scrap metal recycling is a business that benefits the country and the people. But is waste metal scraps recycling really just a collection of all scrap metal materials?
What kind of metals can be recycled? How does the scrap metal recycling process work and what kind of technical support is needed?
Metal shavings are waste resources, which are produced during the machining process and account for 20-30% of the raw materials for steel production.
During the long-term use of the vertical hydraulic metal baler, some failures will inevitably occur. Once the equipment fails, it will affect the service life of the equipment.
As a renewable resource, scrap metal has become increasingly prominent in the context of increasingly scarce mineral resources.
Metal shears are commonly used equipment in the metal material processing industry and the scrap metal recycling industry. It is mainly used to cut large pieces of metal materials into small pieces or small pieces.
Copper wire recycling machine is also known as scrap wire stripping machine, copper wire granulator machine. This machine can separate the copper core.
Previous Next Shuliy Machinery Shuliy machinery was founded in 2011. Our company has many years of experience in R & D, production and sales of copper-plastic separators (copper wire recycling equipment).
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This fish squeezing machine is the common type of screw press for dewatering of the stewed fish pieces and separating the fish meal and the fish oil liquid.
The spray tower also named spray deodorization equipment, spray purification tower or spray scrubber, is often used in the waste gas treatment project cost-effective purification equipment.
Metal shear, also called alligator shear, is a kind of small equipment. It has the characteristics of small size, easy to move, simple operation and so on.
Gantry Shear is large-scale equipment, which is mainly suitable for cutting large metal products such as disassembled car shells and guard rails.
The temperature of dry ice is generally -78 ° C, and the temperature of ice is 0 ° C. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide CO2, which will sublimate into carbon dioxide gas when exposed to heat.
Industrial cleaning, as an engineering technology in the field of scientific research, is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives and industrial production
The hanger production line is mainly composed of a wire release machine (pay-off machine), clothes hanger making machine, plastic spraying gun.
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Various types of wire hanger making machines Meet the different needs of customers Are you looking for the hanger machine?
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Shuliy multifunctional mealworm separator machine is the special screening equipment for sorting out mealworm skins, mealworm droppings, dead or damaged worms from bulks of mealworms.
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The high-efficient microwave dryer machine(commercial mealworm insect drying machine) is the practical drying equipment for many large mealworm breeding plants.
Extruder is a machine processing and producing puffed food. Corn, rice, wheat, rice and other grains that are common in our daily life can be processed into puffed food by extruder.
Pellet fish food machine is a feed processing machine that directly prosses the crushing of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk or fish meal, bone meal.
The hydraulic metal chip briquette machine(vertical metal briquetting machine) is the important waste metal resources recycling equipment.
The horizontal type of metal chip briquette machine(metal briquetting machine) is the commercial scrap metal press equipment, which can be widely used in various metal briquettes production lines.
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