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Religion and Spirituality
We are committed to the restitution and proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel. Our purpose and calling is 'to contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints' (Jude 3).
Sts. Joachim and Ann is a vibrant, yet peaceful, Catholic parish located in the Langley Township area. Firmly rooted in Holy Scripture and Church Tradition, we are a friendly community dedicated to the spiritual and liturgical growth of all those who participate in the life of our parish. Offering weekly both the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite, we seek...
The vision of this ministry is to provide a place and atmosphere for God and His people, where the Word of God is preached and taught; thus producing healing for the whole man, spirit, soul and body. For Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly." Our mission remains vital to all we do: Rebuilding lives through fellowship...
We are an online community church serving God, by assisting business opportunity seekers to succeed in business or, to just help our affiliates make a couple of extra bucks. We also have charitable programs locally and worldwide. Please visit us today.
Our mission is to make the love of Christ known and the abundant life found in Him.
The Radiant Light Conference is a gathering of Catholic women to renew, rejoice, and radiate their love of God.
Britton Carter is a young preacher with a passion for the Word of God. God has called him to preach at camps, retreats, DNows, churches, and wherever else He opens the door.
HOPE Ministries is a Caring for the Heart counseling office dedicated to helping people find hope and freedom in Jesus Christ. Only Jesus is the Healer, and He is the Wonderful Counselor. Through the use of Caring For the Heart material by John Regier, HOPE Ministries seeks to help individuals understand the pressures and pain they have experienced, and the feelings caused...
Ghost Paranormal Investigations, My name is Karen Holt I investigate the spiritual world often alone for answers, gathering evidence of my experiences spanning over 44 years. Ive kept my experiences hidden since I was a child, until now only my parents knowing the truth of what I see, feel & hear. As a photographer I often have spirit appear in my images when out on...
Shri Shridi Sai Shranam Dham Bhumepuzne Was Started in 2011 the Idea of Having a Temple in the Developing Township of Bisalpur Was Conceived by a Small Group of Dedicated Sai Devotees.
Purchase Gift Boxes for Confirmation Gifts or Learning Boxes for teaching the lives of the saints to your children.
We are a Christian Volunteer company based in Tanzania, East Africa.
Metaphysical Healer Teacher Writer -The Heartspace Portal Metaphysical ebook is about healing ourselves and the world with Quantum Love, the fabric of heaven, which emanates from the higher dimensions into the world via the sacred space of the heart.
Promotion of Christian unity by considering the age of the earth from the whole word of God, the evidence for creation, an explanation of the trinity, dreams and visions, suffering and angels. We offer free advertising space, a brief sports commentary, and a forum for questions and answers.
We are church LOOKING FOR LEADERS who can see the need for a different kind of church. A church that was an array of different people. Not just people that were perfect pieces, but a few irregular shaped people. A few people with UNIQUE personalities. Possibly a few people with a not so perfect past. Possibly a few people who were not cleaned up but was sincerely trying. A...
The Miracle Healer, is a Christ Centered Healing Ministry. We seek to demonstrate the healing power of God's Holy Spirit and Christ's message of Love for Humanity. We are not Judgmental and believe God is non-judgmental. We seek to full express 1 John where it states quite clearly the "God is Love". Healing is open to all with out preaching or condemnation. Come one, come...
Worship Anew is a weekly 30 minute television program that celebrates the new life all people have in Jesus. Christ's love is shared through weekly scripture readings, favorite church hymns, prayers, and a pastor's message that reveals God's grace and truth.
Its a wonderful website highlighting death as an eyeopener for living life to the fullest and in a more meaningful and enriching way.
A Christian-oriented organization aimed at building cabins and providing resources for individuals suffering from Physical, Spiritual, or Mental Ailments.
Welcome to Vardaan Spiritual Foundation. Medical science and worldwide research centres are continously working on accurate functioning of our heartbeat and to keep it healthy.
The Modern Mystery School is an association of Light Workers, working in the hermetic lineage of King Salomon to bring knowledge and spiritual empowerment to the world! Through their courses and classes, the Modern Mystery School reveals the hidden knowledge of the world that has been passed down from master to apprentice for 3000 years, and fully awaken and empower you to...
Pentecostal Life Church is a growing, Bible-Believing United Pentecostal Church in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz, Texas with Spirit-Filled worship.
If you are looking for nondenominational Christian church in Indianapolis IN, you need to approach New Life Community Church. To find out more visit our site now.
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