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We are a mobile notary service company and we offer our notary public services by coming to YOU! 561-336-8875 to schedule an appointment.
Useful for calculating the correct witness fee for subpoenas in New York State. Full text: NY CPLR 8001.
Calculates witness fees for federal court subpoenas. Includes 2017 mileage rates and full text of 28 USC 1821.
Looking for Asset Recovery UK? Legal matters can be complicated, which is why it\'s crucial to take an informed approach.
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Public Limited Company is a voluntary association of members that have an independent legal existence and liability of whose members are limited.
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Ibe, Chido and Associates is a legal and business consultancy firm with offices in Lagos and Abuja. Our focal idea is to make certain that both foreign and local investors are given the essential assistance to obtain all certificates and licenses issued by various government agencies and parastatals. We smoothen the progress of efficient Foreign Direct Investment by Aliens...
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simplyEstate is Australia\'s leading online Estate Planning & Deceased Estate Administration platform. We help Australians get organised and protect their families with a simple Will, capture critical information and wishes to save time and money. After a loss we provide Executors and Administrators with the most comprehensive deceased estate administration guide to help...
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Do you need a service of process in Phoenix, Arizona? You\'ve come to the right place. Rely on our state certified process servers to deliver your legal documents professionally and on time.
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Starting your business in international countries, providing legal services in all international countries - export and import products
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Our food poisoning lawyers are here to determine if your unique case has the legal footing necessary for a personal injury lawsuit. Justice takes the form of a settlement with the negligent party or a court-issued monetary award. Reach out to our food poisoning lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation where we will review the unique facts of your case. If you prefer to...
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Download UK legal documents, templates and forms online from The Legal Stop. Legal and business documents available to buy and also many for free
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Legal agreement services in Bangalore, Business agreements. Inthisto ensure that your legal agreements are in compliance with the legal requirements etc
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We are the first notary with Online service in Paita, we have highly trained staff to solve any type of query within the notary field, in addition to offering a quality and trustworthy service
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Are you in search of getting your Trademark registered in India? Then please Read Further. Aavana Corporate Solutions is the right place to get your Trademark registration process done with a click of a mouse. We undertake the entire procedure online from the filing of Trademark applications to Trademark Renewal. We have proven credibility, affordable pricing, on-time process...
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Lex ONE offers worldwide legal services, consulting and litigation, GDPR and privacy compliance services, risk analysis and external Data protection officer services.
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Mobile Notary Public. E Notary. Virtual Assistant. Serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties.
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Independent contractor misclassification is a rampant problem that denies workers their rights. Contractor misclassification occurs when an employer hires a worker and treats them as an independent contractor even though the law says the worker is actually an employee. Almost 10% of all workers in the United States are misclassified as independent contractors.
Most employees believe that being paid a salary means you are not entitled to overtime. Exempt employee misclassification is the practice of treating non-exempt workers as exempt workers in order to deny an employee his or her overtime rights, meal break rights and rest break rights.
If you feel your rights as an employee have been violated because your employer failed to give you proper meal and rest breaks, contact the skilled California meal and rest break lawyer Drew Lewis who can help you get the fair treatment and compensation you deserve.
Your soon-to-be former employer has just provided you with a severance package. After reviewing it, you might be happy that you are about to receive money, but you have questions. This comprehensive how-to guide will take you in detail through he different parts of your severance package so that you will better understand the agreement you are considering signing.
A comprehensive guide to travel time pay rules in California—when employees are entitled to be paid for travel time and how to recover those lost wages. Unpaid travel time can exceed over $100,000 in lost wages, interest and penalties. Find out how much of your travel time should be paid and how you can recover it.
The Justice Law is blog about Legal Information of Law & Attorney, Legal Articles and State wise USA Law and many more things related to law.
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provides legal services since 2006 in Egypt. The main activity of the company are: real estate transactions (purchase and sale, lease), design of residential visas, opening a business, obtain a work permit, registration of the marriage contract and the legalization of a foreign marriage, registration of driving permit (license) and your purchase vehicle for foreign...
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Determining who gets custody of the children when a couple breaks up can be difficult and emotionally draining. It’s important to understand how child custody laws work in your state.
We’ve a fundamental belief in social justice, fairness and a place to call home. We won’t give up until we achieve our vision. Promoting housing as a human right
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Offering services in Criminal Record Matter, Landlord/Tenant Matter, Small Claims Matter, Contracts and Agreements, Legal Support and Notary Services.
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Krida Legal has a flourishing practice in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, Technology and Media Laws. Being in a full service environment, the IPR practice has advantage of engaging clients from various sectors including Sports, Gaming, Fashion and Apparel, Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Hotels and Hospitality.
Offers an integrated framework for Large, Medium & Small Enterprises to manage Regulatory Risks through a Centralised framework, enabling businesses to efficiently Manage Cross geography, functional and industry mandates.
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