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Creation Changes aims to provide content that inspires readers of all backgrounds and interests to fall in love with nature and its wildlife, while demonstrating the belief that Creation and evolution are not mutually exclusive, and that faith and science do not have to exist in opposition of one another. A quartlerly eJournal will become available in Fall 2019, and...
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Chokhavatia Associates provide Water supply network designs to townships, cities and municipalities. We are highly experienced in planning, designing, constructing and commissioning water supply networks. We design the networks by considering primary factors such as the location, total water availability, rate of water supply required, and the total number of people the...
Know more about AQI FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) of Air Quality Index and air pollutants like particulate matters PM2.5 & PM10, gases, temperature, noise, etc.
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Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution and the invention of the internal combustion engine in the 19th century, environmental pollution has skyrocketed to unimaginable rates. This is because with the development of the internal combustion engine came a wide range of machinery that has made our lives much easier but has had and is continuing to have detrimental...
With the adverse changes in the paradigm of science and technology, climate change adaption is becoming worse due to a rise in temperatures which is resulting in any types of disasters including storms, heatwaves, floods, and droughts.
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Falcon Lab is leading in laboratory companies in Dubai, which is providing Soil Testing, Analysis and Investigation Services in Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah, UAE. We are an independent testing laboratory aiming towards a full commitment to quality and offer the highest standard services in the building evolution of UAE.
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GRT provides cost effective dust control solutions, soil stabilisation, erosion control and dust suppression products for mining & civil applications.
We are experts in hydrographic survey, river & civil engineering surveys in India. We have professional software and advance technology systems for accurate survey reports.
Chokhavatia Associates provide Environmental Management Plan for various industries and public sectors. We devise EMP by considering the various approaches like technical, institutional, socioeconomic and public health.
Get efficient services of Water Testing Lab in Mumbai in your nearest NABL Lab. Different parameters are tested with State-of-Art laboratory PAN-India.
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We carry out underwater drone rental, utilization of underwater drone, and pilot of underwater drone. Underwater drone under water drone
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Gujarat is one of the important states in western India. The population density of Gujarat is 308 people per square kilometer. Gujarat has encountered sound growth throughout the previous six decades, developing from 16.2 million in 1951 to 60 million in the year 2011.
Chokhavatia Associates provide water balance audit services in India & worldwide. Through the latest technology, we provide quality system audit to our clients
Erwon Energy: Best Pond and Lake Aeration Co. Of India, Manufacturer and Exporter of Dust Suppression Canon, Musical Fountain Manufacturer, Floating Fountain
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Delivering environmental solutions with the expert insight from the academia and industry. We are specialists in algal bloom and wetland management. Freshwater ecology. Water quality from catchment to preliminary treatment processes. We also provide project management, technical advice, field surveys and report generation.
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EPR is a full-fledged Sarawakian company which was incorporated in April 1995. For more than two decades, EPR has consistently been involved in in multi-disciplined environmental projects of the State and Federal agencies, oil and gas industry as well as private clients.
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Based in Great Falls, Montana, Save Oceanic System's mission is raising awareness about camellia oil, a fish-food alternative used in place of krill and anchovies in farmed salmon feedings.
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In Ecokaans A.C. We have the task of sensitizing the population in general, regardless of the socioeconomic status, trade, profession or educational level, we seek to create awareness and thus achieve to add the actions of society aimed at reducing our negative ecological footprint on the planet.
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Barring London, figures demonstrate that Bradford is as of now experiencing the greatest population growth in the UK. The population density of Bradford is 3468 people per square kilometer. Despite the fact that the number of births surpassed the number of deaths, the number of individuals leaving the nation to live somewhere else in the UK.
Salford is a city and furthermore a metropolitan ward in Greater Manchester, England. The city has a past filled with human activity extending back to the Neolithic age. The population density of the city of Salford is 2243 people per square kilometer. The results for Salford show that the number of people in the city was 233,900.
Dilmah conservation spearheads various projects to protect and preserve biodiversity, heritage, environmental sustainability in Sri Lanka by raising awareness, educating and working hand in hand with international environmental organisations such as IUCN.
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The AtmosAir Singapore division of ProMedUSA provides a solution for poor indoor air quality (IAQ) using advanced and proprietary Bi-Polar Ionisation Technology. Bi-Polar ionisers remove VOC's, Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Mould, Mildew, Smoke, Haze and Particles (including PM0.5 and PM2.5) from the indoor air you breathe. The result is simply pure, fresh, crisp and...
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We specialise in Air quality, Transport, Noise, Dust and Odour assessment to accompany planning and environmental permitting applications. We also assist with discharging any reserved matter during the planning stage that relate to air quality, dust and odour.
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Zero Emission is set to launch a project to reduce CO2 emission and reverse global warming. Members receive certificates to obtain resources for the development of environmentally friendly technologies.
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Environmental impact Assessment studies are required to understand the impact of a proposed project on the environment.
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