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Your back is paining for a while, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury that you're looking to recover from? You can now seek treatment at your home.
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Our aim is to accurately assess and treat our clients using a three stage Pain to Performance approach.
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We're your physio in Glen iris specialising in Sports Injury as well as clinical pilate. Book a session online today or contact us to find out more.
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Our fundamental philosophy at Tavistock Clinic is 'Believe in Movement'. By this we mean we believe in the body's ability to recover, repair and rebuild changes that may have occurred in the body due to varied reasons in order to improve physical movement and thus being able to complete the activities we want to complete. Under this umbrella, we recognise the importance of...
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Expertise and experience that enhances the well being of our Gold Coast physio clients from our Palm Beach physiotherapy centre in Palm Beach Ave.
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Performance Based Physiotherapy is an independent practice based out of two locations. Peak Performance Centre and Ottawa High Performance Centre. Performance Based Physiotherapy is committed to: helping you prevent injury, optimizing your recovery after an injury, and improving your overall function and performance.
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GMCclinics offer best Physiotherapy clinics in Dubai, using the latest physiotherapy techniques and treatments. Call for personalized plan and service!
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Physiotherapy an important therapy of every sports person. All players should be have physiotherapist. In Delhi NCR region Physio-plus have best physiotherapist in Gurgaon. For appointment call on +91-9868415445
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A Squared is a leading Hong-Kong based physiotherapy, wellness and healthcare company. ​ We develop new markets for leading manufacturers, enabling fast market introduction of our partner's branded or OEM products, and adding value in the chain from manufacturer to end-user. A Squared was established in 2013 by its Managing Director, Christof Van der Stichele. Prior...
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HCAH offers home physiotherapy services that aim at alleviating pain in basic conditions like lower back pain or knee pain as well as in chronic disorders.
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Vasu Medical is a primary care physicians group. We Screen the patients for diabetes, hypertension, depression, preventive medicine, asthma, emphysema, heart diseases, high cholesterol, migraine headaches and allergies. Our Physicians provide various ancillary testing services, such as EKG, TB etc
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Are you looking for best Physiotherapists in North Ryde? Then we have a solution to your problem, and that is Ryde Natural Health Clinic. We have passionate team members who are willing to address any concern you have. We can help you recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness, and increase mobility. Our team members are Yonit Nahmias, Alex Donald, Adele...
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Inner Focus Physiotherapy is a trusted physio and yoga studio in Perth with expertise sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy treatment, yoga therapy, chronic and back pain physiotherapy, physical therapy rehabilitation as well as exercise rehab in Perth. Our treatment is offered through private and group yoga classes in Perth. Speak to our therapists today!
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KRV is known as one of the best physiotherapy centre in India. We have skilled physiotherapist to provide treatment with latest physio accessories.
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Sports and Spinal Physio offer a range of services including Dry needling and acupuncture, remedial massage and pilates, physiotherapy & rehabilitation, treatment for cardiac health issues, podiatry, Spinal Podiatry clinic, massage services, gym classes, with 8 locations on the Sunshine Coast.
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Pivotal Motion Physiotherapy offers comprehensive physiotherapy services including but not limited to: everyday physiotherapy, exercise classes, spots physiotherapy, hiring of sports trainers, physiotherapy for teenagers, pre-employment assessments, pre- and post-rehabilitation, workcover physiotherapy, DVA physiotherapy, enhanced primary care and more. We are...
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Whether you're in pain, recovering from surgery or need some advice for your particular condition, look no further than North West Physiotherapy. We provide a range of services such as Gait Assessment, Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage and more to help our patients feel better. Consult with one of our award winning specialists and improve your lifestyle.
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I am a physiotherapist, and I provide physical therapy in Edmonton. I take the time to understand your history and perform a thorough physical exam to figure out the real source of your pain. I am experienced in treating sports injuries, car accident injuries, rehab after surgeries, chronic pain, and other aches and pains. I use a variety of techniques to get my patients...
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Melbourne TMJ & Face Pain Centre Specializes in Physiotherapy treatment that is safe, clinically effective and non-invasive treatment for Face pain and Jaw pain. We provide a safe, clinically effective, non-invasive solution to the chronic problems like facial pain, TMJ, and TMD. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and well equipped to provide you with quality...
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Houston Bionics develops rehabilitation devices for neurologically impaired individuals. We also provide engineering solutions for various industries.
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Apoorvaa Rehabilitation Center is a known physiotherapy centre in Bangalore for kids. We have a specialized experienced professional team for treatment of babies, children and adolescents. Our clinic comprises of physiotherapists who work exclusively in the area of pediatrics which includes all children from birth to 18 years. Our physiotherapists have a specialized approach...
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Physiotherapy services offering a wide variety of treatment options in the comfort of your own home.
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Complete Balance Physiotherapy is a private health care centre offering up to the mark physical and massages therapy relieving back pain, running pain and explores your body with professional development.
Relieve your body pain and stress with Hydrotherapy services offered by London Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic. They help you in increasing your health and vitality while letting you get relaxed in hot tub using Hydrotherapy methods in London and Essex.
Allocare strongly believe in serving our patients and it is the healthcare clinic for all members of the community who choose the best care and a healthier lifestyle. We are a team of innovative & exemplary healthcare professionals who are driven by passion for excellence.
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