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Want to learn to meditate? Have you considered connecting to your spirit guides to get guidance on your path? Or, want to connect with someone who’s not only intuitive but also grounded enough to build and grow a successful business? Reach out; Tryna Gower can’t wait to hear from you.
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Consult Jake Rubin MA - a Board-Certified Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles for sports hypnotherapy and sports hypnosis. Get a FREE Consultation Today!
Silence and Meditation is a Wellness page related to growing from within. Meditation, silence, well-being, awakening, awareness, health, mindfulness, healthy, yoga
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At Max The Modern Monk, we have blindfold challenge for those who want to challenge themselves & go on an inner journey for deeper truths. Join us today - maxthemodernmonk
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If you are suffering stress, depression and chronic unhappiness, here we provide the best mindfulness meditation therapy centre in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit here for getting more details about services.
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They have innate strength to withstand and absorb pressure so that you can let go easily. Our various meditation products like zafu cushions, mats, etc also designed in a way to support your practices by providing a comforting and safe environment.
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Meditation is the power that gives us the ability to resist. The unrestrained and unconscious mind constantly takes us from the lower to the lower levels and will destroy and destroy us in the dark and the Restrained and Controlled mind will protect us and eventually Release us, so the disobedient mind must be compelled and restrained
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Anjana Shamballa a certified practitioner in holistic therapist and life coach providing services to control the emotions that will cause a peaceful life.
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Being the best you can be offers services, courses and standalone sessions covering Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki and Coaching. Giving ourselves time to reconnect with ourselves and others around us is more and more important in our busy world. All the services I offer, allow and encourage you to take time out to be present in your life and to come out of autopilot. Each...
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Drama2Calmer Mindfulness offers MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction), mindfulness and meditation courses and workshops for children and families
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If you struggle to meditate effectively, check out our Isochronic Tone recordings. We have Free samples and 100% satisfaction guarantee, Start download it.
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Certified Meditation teacher holding a sacred space for you and your practice through group or individual sessions and workshops online and in person at local studio in Berwick, VIC, Australia. You can also listen to full meditations and wellness episodes on the Nurtured Meditation Podcast.
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Indigo Company LLC is a healing retreat center located in Sedona, AZ specializing in spiritual and wellness retreats, meditation and spa retreats which help you to solve relationship problems, depressions, etc.
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Learning Access Meditation with Ben Turshen can help you unlock your inner potential and discover inner peace. Face the world with equanimity and kindness by registering for a course today.
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Healthy by Mindfulness (MBSR). In mindfulness classes, learn how to deal with stress, difficult thoughts, negative emotions, or pain.
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Relax physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by striking a fine balance for a healthy mind, body and soul. • Enjoy a beautiful and uninterrupted Meditation session at the Anahata Meditation Cave. Learn how to meditate properly with experts at Vishuddhii.
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Lily Yoga provide Meditation Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh. Residential 100 hours Meditation TTC with 14 days in peaceful Rishikesh Resort, in North India.
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Lily Yoga Rishikesh provides most conducive environment for your meditation practice. Benefits of regular meditation are manifold, covering all levels of our human existence: physical, mental, emotional and energetic.
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Inner Vessels offers specialized and individual person-to-person guided meditations by telephone for greater enlightenment, truth, and healing. It specializes in identifying false beliefs, releasing negative and blocked emotions, and developing new perspectives based in truth which results in increased awareness, health, happiness, and liberation from unwanted tendencies...
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Chakra Healing involves healing the blocked Chakras that hold you back from using your full potentials. Blocked chakras are underactive or overactive and they often tend to cause unnatural ailments.
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We, as the collective consciousness upon the earth, are like members of a great universal orchestra. Each of us have our part to play. The harmony of the universal piece (called life), we are playing depends on two basic requirements from each member of the orchestra. Each of us must first know our part, and, secondly, must be capable of playing it. All other life forms...
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Hypnolixir is focused on creating high-quality guided meditations and affirmations on youtube. We are utilizing the Law of Attraction to work with the subconscious mind and re-program it for new and better you. You will find here plenty of guided meditations for morning and daily use, sleep meditations and chakra cleansing, abundance & money affirmations for success and...
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This is a portal for connecting like-minded people intending to make a difference to their lives, community and society. You will get a chance to share your good deeds via social media and our website. It will give you a chance to motivate and appreciate all the lives that have been changed from your good deeds. As the good deed chain grows you will become a member of a...
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Meditation pranayama yoga and spiritual retreats in UK and France with the best all things which you find there and the presence of spiritual calmness. Private class also available here.
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We offer meditation in a way designed for modern man, not beginning with silence but with activity to release accumulated energy, leading to a state of calm in which meditation can flourish.
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