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The company works with reputed authors chosen for their longstanding experience in academics. The books are edited by eminently competent editors and are published under Regional Publishing Programmes.
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In this modern world, books are used as a presentable option too. Gifting this beautiful piece of pocket sized book to a book lover really helps, and that is how, we like to take things forward. Remember, all your orders contain free postage and handling within Australia. All our authors get royalty, so, you can be one of them.
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Nova Science Publishers- A top academic and STM publisher with Nadya Columbus as the Chief Executive, NOVA provides excellent journals and books to the public. To read more, visit here.
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Powerful Profit & Growth expert. Author of AmazonBestSeller Profit in Plain in Sight.
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International Network for Natural Sciences (INNSPUB) is a wing of Shamokal Publications, Bangladesh. INNSPUB is dedicated to publish scholarly research journals and books in English. We believe in sharing of new scientific knowledge in the field of natural sciences, biology, medicine and agriculture all over the world. All our publications are available online that...
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge was a great critic and this is evident from his book Biographia Literaria that he devoted to the great philosophers of the world like Aristotle and Imanuel Kant.
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The Scarlet Letter is a fictional love story by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), an English novelist. It is a fictional story which surrounds a tragic romance of two young loves that ranges over sin, legalism and guilt.
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In 1993 NPI launched PRESTIGE, monthly French magazine, an innovative press concept in Lebanon. Ever since, PRESTIGE is constantly evolving, year after year, by introducing regularly new columns: interviews, fashion, beauty, health, travel, life style, social pages and watches supplement. PRESTIGE readers are mainly aged between 25 and 64 years old. They have high...
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Self publish and sell your books. Use our platform to publish free ebook, Build reader sell online books Available in both print and eBook.
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Print Fiction Printing Press specializes in providing a wide range of digital and offset print solutions. It is the only printing press offering cloud printing services in Qatar. Digital printing of your Flyers and Business Cards at our printing press in Qatar, only in 1 HOUR! Our designers can design an impressive card or flyer for you.
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Bradley e Commerce specialises in formatting and listing books on up to 9 different channels. Global print on demand distribution is one channel. Through Porcupine Press we offer an author the full range of publishing services, from editing, proofreading, typesetting to KDP, iTunes, Play listings. BECS also offers an online store.
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Motive Interactive is an online ad network based on performance. Advertisers only have to pay for performance and clicks while publishers increase revenue and profit through participation. Motive Interactive caters to the online gaming industry and is one of the leading mobile ad networks. We would
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Click Cabin a leading CPA, CPC, CPM affiliate network will work dedicatedly to generate constant revenues of advertisers and Publishers by driving large amount of quality traffic.
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Look Castle is an innovative online Ad Network company. Our expertise in pay per click advertising and search engine internet marketing helps advertisers get quality traffic and lets publishers earn more revenue.
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Affinity is the world's leading contextual ad network. We are in the business of powering innovative contextual media & monetization solutions for Advertisers & Publishers. Our media & monetization solutions are delivered via Affinity's Global Pay-Per-Click & Display Networks.
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The key to internet affiliate marketing is this: \"the more you learn, the greater you earn. Offervault gives equally CPA and affiliate network gives you and it really is totally free for affiliates and publishers alike that means it is accessible to all people - the newcomers to the online marketi
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Techzone is one of the largest Aggregators, Developers, Publishers and Distributors of Entertainment content in the world. As a leading player in the value added services domain, it offers a rich portfolio of managed services for telecom operators, media houses and related enterprises. Techzone
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What is so unique about AdSense traffic that is different from normal traffic? Why are AdSense publishers so fixated with the idea of acquiring AdSense traffic? Whats all the fuss about?
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Jewishbookwarehouse is one of the old and largest publishers of jewish book warehouse. It deals in Tallit brand which provides silk tallit, wool tallit, tallit bag, tallit clips etc.
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Classic Day Publishing is one of the quality book publishing companies in Seattle. Meet with one of our book publishers to further your writing dreams.
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Respectively, they are the basis and the lynchpin of the system. A licensed household inspection report presents facts concerning the ailment of the dwelling. Affiliate marketer would make beneficial promotions between advertisers and publishers. Curiously, Nyai like to be referred to as as Nyai i
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We offer eBook conversion services kindle conversion services to all the major publishers, authors, schools, universities etc. By converting pdf to ebooks and pdf to epub. We also offers ebook creation, Kindle Formatting, Amazon eBooks conversion, convert physical book to ebook, pdf to ebook
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Social Work Helper is an upcoming magazine providing news, information, and resources relating to social work, social justice, and social good.
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If your site can have a traffic boost, then HiVisits is the cheapest and easiest source you can find to get the visitors you need ! Via our network of publishers, we can deliver the volume of visitors to your website at a low cost per visitor. The visitors you receive through us are real targeted
X360KEY For Xbox 360 publishers are currently being hyped within the US, not only Countries in europe
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