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Sighting and reports on monsters and myths from around the world. Information on cryptozoology and mythology.
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A wealth of information about Greek Mythology. Site Intended for teachers and students of all ages, as well as anyone interested in learning about the mythical world of the ancient Greek past.
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There are so more mysteries that blank cautiously holds from citizenry. We might just wonder what is happening there in the dark sky. From old times citizenry faced at stars and moon and wanted to get to them. According to mythology of.
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Chanting of Ganesha Mantra early in the morning is considered to be a good practice in Indian mythology, As it brings peace to mind. This section of Ganesha Experience offers a huge list of Ganesha Mantra that you can chant every morning.
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Carrington Carr has an interesting background and history with its roots in ancient English mythology. It's often used to talk about Marsh and Marshes.
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This website is dedicated to Greek, Roman, Celtic, Egyptian, Native american, Japanese, Chinese, and Babylonian Mythology.
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Thousand of people in the world search for shiva and the truth about shiva, the greatest deity in the hindu mythology. People look for shiva teachings as everyone feels that it is very much beneficial for the development of mind.
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Cat is a very well known pet. Since ancient Egypt, Cats have been kept by humans as a pet. There different aspects of mythology related to cats; somewhere cats are treated like a symbol of good fortune and somewhere cats are treated like negative creature that can bring sorrows only.
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Pushkar is a fantastic fusion of history and mythology that makes it worth the travel. According to an oft-quoted legend, Lord Brahma was in search of an auspicious place to perform yagna and was over the Rajasthan desert on his swan. Some lotus petals fell from his hand and wafted down. Miraculous
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