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Our KeepSafe® Clear Cash Control Plastic Bag is Federal Reserve Approved, has black writing and is a favorite for many cash handling facilities across the US.
Our KeepSafe® Opaque Cash Control Plastic Bag with black writing is designed to help prevent money from disappearing from the register to the office/vault. That means it's perfect for internal cash control. If the deposit bag is tampered with, the ink will show a distortion at the glue adhesive closure.
The clear waterproof front pocket is perfect for packing lists, shipping papers, receipts and computerized ticketing systems. The 2nd pocket is opaque for confidentiality and security of the valuable contents. The self sticking permanent adhesive sticks firmly without moistening.
Our Security Cash Control Plastic Bag features Federal Reserve Approval. It remains a proven favorite for parking facilities across the United States and is available in cases of 1000.
Small Federal Reserve Approved, clear KeepSafe® coin bag with handles, sequential numbers, scannable barcode, and vent holes. White write on surface. Sequentially numbered on bag and tear off receipt. Tamper evident adhesive closure - ink will show distortion at closure if bag is tampered with.
ParkingZone introduces custom sign panels to assist in brand management. Branding is one of the most important elements for any business. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets.
Federal Reserve Approved, KeepSafe Opaque 4 bundle bag with pouch for deposit slip. Feature a high-level tamper evident tape closure. Thermochronic (pink) ink appears in the tape header when exposed to heat attacks. Stop signs appear in closure area upon freeze, chemical and mechanical tampering.
Our high quality Reflective Adhesive Tape, available in Yellow, Silver, and Red, offers a permanent solution for making cones, delineators and signs stand out in darkness or dim light. This tape reflects well with just a spot of headlight.
Don't tread on thin ice when it comes to customer safety. This Yellow or Black Non-Skid Tape provides traction on stairwells and other slippery areas. Just what you need to keep a customer from losing his or her footing.
Transitioning to the wet weather of the fall and winter seasons from the summer brings a unique list of challenges to all drivers. Slick roads, reduced visibility, and increased vehicle traffic due to the new school year and holidays make the roads troublesome to negotiate.
These 10 inch Yellow Structural Column Protectors are made of high-density polyethylene ensuring protection against any type of contact. They come in two halves and are attached by two easy-to-install straps.
This 80 millimeter Thermal Paper Roll measures 3 1/8 inches wide with a 2 1/4 inch diameter and a length of 110 feet. This product is available in cases of 50 and can be used in all types of handheld credit card scanners. The core inner diameter is 1/2 inch.
This 15 pound, Bond Paper Roll measures 40 millimeters wide with a 2 3/4 inch diameter and a length of 145 feet. This product is available in cases of 100.
Our Elite 100 Hook Metal Valet Key Box is designed with double doors, made of 18 gauge formed galvanized steel, and painted with an anti-scratch, semi gloss black powder coated finish. A Paddle Handle Lock with Slam Action, 2-way locking system, and Integrated key holder panels are also included.
The Smart Valet Podium maximizes quality and value. The Smart Valet provides value through price, features, and durability. Extensive research and design production of this unique, compact, sturdy, and efficient valet tool has made it one of the best podiums in the industry.
ELITE VALET PODIUM is available in either Standard or with LED Front Panel. Both podium options have proven themselves in the valet industry as economical alternatives to other podiums without the features that these valet podiums deliver.
Our BollardKat™ Customized Cushion Wrap is a protective barrier for support bollards and poles typically found in parking garages. It is designed to protect people and vehicles from injury or damage due to unintentional contact with the item covered.
Are you in need of extra or replacement keys for your Southern Specialties Medium Podium? You receive 2 keys when you purchase a podium, but sometimes you need extra keys, or the keys get lost. It happens. Here is your easy solution!
The Slot Boot is an ingenious accessory for any Southern Specialties Honor Box. Simply open the honor box, slip the Slot Boot into a particular outside slot you wish to seal off and attach the anchor from inside without ever accessing the cash compartment.
Our very easy to use Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen is designed to remove ink, dirt and contamination build-up on your thermal printer heads. All you need to do is swipe the pen in a back and forth motion across the entire print head surface, then repeat if necessary.
Our sturdy, durable 7-Slot Bike Rack, available in Galvanized Steel or Powder Coated, can aid any facility to become biker friendly while organizing bicycle traffic at the same time. The smoothly convoluted design offers maximum parking capability without the hazard of shape edges. Measures 62" L X 36" H and weighs 85 lbs.
This SpeedCheck Portable Display System is extremely practical for day-to-day use. The lightweight, one-piece, 30-pound unit can be set up within minutes insuring hassle free installation.
Our friends at Ideal Shield® created some beautiful Decorative Bollard Covers like this Architectural Decorative Bollard Cover. Enhance the aesthetics of security posts and steel bollards. Decorative Bollard Covers are easy to install and are a fraction of the cost of expensive concrete or steel bollards.
The Kneeling Pad or Anti-Fatigue Mat minimizes sore legs and tired backs by adding cushioning to any workstation floor. Durable vinyl foam with ribbed, slip-resistant construction makes standing for long periods easier.
The PosterGrip Wall Poster Frame Sign is attractively designed and easy to hang. Reinforce your marketing message with this wall poster frame sign.
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