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The low temperature data logger can be used for cold chain transportation temperature monitoring and can generate temperature reports, which is more secure for the quality and safety of items during transportation.
Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is a disposable shipping temperature recorder. It takes up little space and is waterproof. It can be in direct contact with items or attached to item packaging. It can be used in refrigerated containers, refrigerated bags, refrigerated cabinets, In freezers, medicine cabinets, incubators, and other environments.
With our 17 years of experience in this industry, we have been recognized as a trusted manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Flameproof Electrical Control Panels. We are ATEX and BIS (ISI mark) certified manufacture with European quality products. Our products are manufactured using high-grade spare parts, components and other material which are purchased from a certified vendor
SIGMA AUTOMATION - Established in 1995 involved in design, manufacturing and marketing of Process Control Instruments & Control Systems. The name 'SIGMA AUTOMATION' is synonymous with Versatility, Technical Competence, Quality, Adaptability and enjoys the highest degree of trust from wide range of esteemed customers. Presently 'Sigma Automation' has carved out a 'niche' in the field of...
The disposable temperature data loggers launched by Freshliance have many types and models. They are cheap, easy to operate, stable in operation, high in accuracy, and have high protection levels. They are USB temperature logger and can be connected to a PC to generate PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV temperature reports. , this report is true and reliable and can be used to analyze whether the temperature of...
Mahindra Teqo is offering Node X in India which is a solar data logger collecting and monitoring data across all your solar rooftop plants including residential & industrial.
Solar Data Logger India by Mahindra Teqo are customisable for end use across industries and Industrial grade hardware from leading vendors in India. It is cumulatively logged over 40000+ hours of operation across utility plants.
Mahindra Susten has launched Nodes - a solar data logger & solar pv monitoring systems for clients with multiple solar assets spread across the country for better data collection, analysis & much more.
Spy shop with miniature cameras, directional microphones, spy phones, security cameras, audio recorders, GPS vehicle tracking systems, data loggers and anti-bugging equipment on our Web Spy Shop.
Puja Engineering aim is to be the leading supplier for thermometers and instrumentation in Asia, offering an unrivalled selection of Instruments to industrial and catering businesses. The company is in the business of producing high quality, low cost thermometers, Infrared Non Contact Thermometers, Humidity meters, Anemometers, Precision Manometers, Digital Pressure meters, Digital...
RFID, bar code, satellite, Zigbee, cell phones, tablets, packaging, data loggers, the cloud and other traceability alternatives are now available to provide traceability at the item, case, pallet and container levels. Many of these new systems bring with them the ability to collect location (GPS) and condition (temperature, humidity) data and transmit data via the Internet to...
Tagplus-T USB Temperature Data Logger can not only be used for temperature monitoring of vaccines, but also for temperature monitoring and recording of temperature-sensitive items such as biological reagents, medicines, vegetables, fruits, seafood, poultry, dairy products, etc. It can also be used in laboratories.
The Atlas Log-TH temperature humidity data logger launched by Freshliance is equipped with an external probe, which has the characteristics of small space occupation, high accuracy, good stability, simple operation, configurable parameters, and can be used repeatedly.
Technical Products group of professionals 20 Year Experienced in Graphtec Dealers in India. We offers Electrical safety tester, LCR meter, impedance analyzer, leakage current tester, solar array simulator, high speed data logger, multi-channel data acquisition system and Graphtec Dealers in India.
Freshliance specializes in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of temperature and humidity data loggers, environmental monitoring, and online tracking and recording systems. We serve cold chain industries such as fruits and vegetables, food processing, seafood, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. We are a trusted provider of ambient temperature recording solutions!
A data logger that is specialized or designed for temperature sensors or sensors, or, in the case of a humidity and temperature data logger, humidity sensors as well, is known as a data logger. Temperature data logging is a piece of technology that may record various readings. It typically runs on batteries and takes one or even more sensor inputs before sampling and storing the data at...
Calibration Included with purchase of all new electronic data loggers: All loggers are calibrated, as part of the Quality Control (QC) process, by comparison against a calibrated immersion PRT reference or using a reference resistor to verify accuracy. All free calibrations are done at ambient temperature, with one reading taken manually.
The temperature data logger has the characteristics of a small footprint, simple operation, and high accuracy. It can improve the efficiency of cold chain management and ensure that the temperature of the cold chain environment meets the requirements.
The fruit temperature data logger produced by Freshliance is currently selling well in the world. The monitoring temperature is -30C~+70C, and the accuracy is 0.5C(-20C~40C), 1.0C(others) , can accurately detect the temperature of fruit transportation. A good fruit transportation temperature monitoring system can ensure the quality, safety and freshness of fruits.
The temperature humidity data logger with the probe is a temperature and humidity recorder with higher accuracy and a wider monitoring range.
Temperature data loggers are really easy to deal with are easy to handle and they have a lot of applications.
Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the museum environment is a very important task, because cultural relics have very high requirements on the temperature and humidity of the environment, and the museum needs to maintain a suitable temperature and humidity environment. The BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth temperature data logger is very suitable for environmental temperature and humidity...
THINK TEMPERATURE is a leading Supplier of digital thermometers for food service and industry, data loggers for remote temperature monitoring, hygrometers and analytical instruments for moisture, pressure and pH measurement.
We provide various varieties of high-quality data loggers to read environmental conditions & monitor any required area in Singapore at an affordable price.
In industries such as food and medicine, cold storage plays a vital role in storing and maintaining the freshness and quality of various cold chain products. The temperature of the cold storage is generally very low. You can choose an ultra-low temperature data logger with probe to monitor and record the ambient temperature of the cold storage with higher accuracy and reliability. The...
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